Loopfi for dForce

Benefits for DF Stakers

Stake through Loopfi will let you earn max boost on DF staking rewards and platform fees without having to lock up your DF token for 4 years. DF tokens collected from users will be pooled together and locked into dForce to receive optimized staking yield.

Participants who stake DF token through Loopfi will receive pDF at 1:1 ratio, representing your time-locked veDF, with accrued staking rewards and platform fees paid out in the form of pDF token.

Loopfi users will also receive additional LPF rewards on top of DF rewards, making it an ideal destination for those who wish to optimize yield whilst remaining liquid on their DF tokens.

In short, staking through Loopfi will provide the following exclusive benefits to DF stakers:

  • Receive max boost on DF staking rewards and dForce platform fees.

  • Receive pDF token (liquid version of veDF) that allows you to exit your staked veDF position at any time, subject to pool liquidity.

  • Earn a share of the Loopfi platform fee in the form of LPF tokens.

  • Earn more dForce governance voting weights through pDF.

  • Earn more Loopfi governance voting weights through LPF to vote on boosts to dForce pools (coming soon).

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